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A forum is available : http://fcia.proboards.com/ Need a specific part for your car ? Don't hesitate to ask us. Let's talk about French cars in America !

Under rumour, the Citroen DS4 Racing will be probably launch in 2014. The DS4 Racing uses the 1.6-litre THP turbo engine. But Citroen Racing has uprated it to produce 256bhp and emit only 155g/km of CO2 for 45 MPG [unleaded]. The specific output of 160bhp...

The Peugeot 208 T16 finalized the last tests at Pikes Peak, Colorado. The 208 T16 characteristics are : - A twin-turbo V6 3.2-liter engine churning 875 bhp (652 kW) - AWD system - 6-speed sequential transmission - 1 kilogram for 1 horsepower = 2.2 pounds...

Hey everybody, Please find here the first and official way to get fresh news in the USA and Canada about the French Auto Industry. Welcome on French Cars In America ! Renault Etoile Filante - Shooting Star in 1955 in Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

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