The Peugeot Onyx has been rewarded as one of the most beautiful cars in the world by Forbes Magazine. Some other brands as Maserati, Aston Martin or Jaguar had also been selected.

Forbes' selection criteria :

"To compile this year’s list we consulted three people whose careers hinge directly on their knowledge of and good taste in cars: Vanity Fair’s Berk; Matt Hardigree, the editor-in-chief of Jalopnik; and Michael Prichinello, the co-founder and owner of Classic Car Club Manhattan.
We asked each man to nominate several new cars that they consider to be the hottest on the market today. We did not stipulate a country of origin or price limit—either high or low—but did exclude vintage vehicles and SUVs from
the running." - Forbes Magazine

You will find the Forbes pictures selection with this link.