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To coincide with the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, Valeo is inviting students from engineering, technical and science schools and universities from around the world to take an active role in automotive innovation by designing equipment that will help build smarter and more intuitive cars by 2030. Students from engineering, technical and science schools and universities will have the opportunity to develop daring and revolutionary solutions for the future. Innovation is a fundamental aspect of Valeo’s identity. The contest serves to demonstrate that research and development are among the Group’s top priorities. This strategy guides the efforts of Valeo’s 9,000 engineers who innovate daily to develop the car of tomorrow. The Group plans to recruit over 1,000 engineers and technicians per year over the next three years. It therefore aims to educate students about the challenges offered by professions in automotive technology.

The 20 projects selected for the prototyping phase will receive funding.

The winning team will receive a grant of $130,000 / €100,000.

Here to apply. Don't loose time, the deadline is the Valentine's Day 2014 ! Feburary 14, 2014...

As we know today, Standford University is already engaged with the autonomous vehicule development for the 2014 Valeo Innovation Challenge.

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