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Valeo’s  new  low-voltage  (48V)  all-electric  prototype  is  making  its  world  début  at  CES  2018.  As countries  and  major  cites  become  more  and  more  intent  on  reducing  CO2 emissions,  this  system offers a new angle on the future shape of urban mobility. The small two-seater electric tech demo car, which charges at any EV charging station, delivers a top speed  of  63 mp/h (100 km/h) and  offers  a  range  of  63 miles (100 km),  is ideally  suited  to  the  short  journeys  and  lowspeeds of urban driving. The  48V  all-electric  car  is  also,  and above  all,  more  economical  (by  20%) than  a  high-voltage  all  electric  solution, largely  because  it  can  do  without  some of  the  components  and  systems  that  a high-voltage  system  is  required  to  have for  user  safety  reasons.  Pricing  for  a small  48V  all-electric  car  could  be  as low   as   9   000   dollars.

By  making  the  all  electric  vehicle  more affordable,  this  innovative  solution  could well    lend    further   momentum   to   the electrification revolution. To  develop  its  innovative  48V  all-electric drive   solution,   Valeo   has   built   on   its experience and expertise in 48V systems for  hybrid  applications,  a  field  in  which  it leads the market.

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