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February 6th 2014 : The final Renault Espace 5 spied http://www.french-cars-in-america.com/2014/02/2015-renault-espace-v-spied.html

Sept 9th : First pictures
Sept 6th : Renault Espace V 2014 Official Teaser


Renault announced the presentation of the new Renault Espace 5 at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show.

The Renault Espace is the most popular minivan in Europe and the first large MPV. The 1st generation came on the market in 1984 like the Plymouth Voyager. Until the 3rd generation it was manufactured by Matra.

The 4 generations of Renault Espace

The 4 generations of Renault Espace

The MPV market share decreases year after year. For this reason the Renault Espace 5 will become a SUV. The Renault Espace 5 should also introduce the new premium brand - "Initial Paris".

L'Argus - a French car magazine - created some drawings with the inspiration of the actual Renault Captur.

Renault Espace 5 by l'Argus - Initial Paris

Renault Espace 5 by l'Argus - Initial Paris

Renault Espace 5 by l'Argus - Initial Paris

Renault Espace 5 by l'Argus - Initial Paris

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german User 07/02/2014 16:23

Very nice car, but it doesn't fit into the Espace line. I remember the claim for Espace: "Isn't space the real luxury?"
This car is no luxury anymore...

seb 06/10/2013 11:58

will be a SUV? I think this decision is bad... the world is full of SUVs... why should be a(nother) SUV?
The new design looks nice, but not for an ESPACE

Sam 20/09/2013 23:04

Very nice, I hope it will come on the market soon and in the US under the Infinity brand. Or Initial ?

Berthling 18/09/2013 16:48

This one looks very nice, the 3rd was amazing when it come on the market.

User from Hungary 17/09/2013 22:28

I will not buy this Espace ,- never

Christian Zoechling 15/09/2013 21:58

I had in the past 3 diffrent Espace, But I never will by this ugly car in the future.
Renauts managers are idiots.

Mister T 20/09/2013 23:55

Your message has no sens...