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On the occasion of the Beijing Motor Show, Citroën unveils a new model: the new Citroën C6. Developed under the framework of its joint venture with Dongfeng and built at Wuhan, this 4.98m sedan of importance in the upper business D segment will be marketed locally at the end of the year. A true flagship that tops the Citroën range in China, this three-box sedan with modern and fluid styling offers interior spaciousness of the highest level, thanks in particular to its 2.90m wheelbase.

An interior dedicated to well-being and true to the Citroën spirit, offering generous space, quality materials, and technologies that are useful every day and help deliver comfort for all of the vehicle’s passengers.

An offensive on the top of the market

Following the launch of the new C4 in China at the end of 2015, Dongfeng Citroën lays the cornerstone of its offensive in the important three-box sedan segment by unveiling the new Citroën C6. This latest arrival is added to a range that is already full, coherent and adapted to meet the expectations of this market, a range that includes the C-Elysée, C4, C4 L and C5. In this way, Citroën demonstrates its dynamic capability in this, its biggest market in the world.

Developed under the framework of the joint venture with DongFeng, the new Citroën C6 is an indication of the brand’s ability to move into the key high-end segment in China: three-box sedans in the upper business D segment. The brand has built on its heritage and its know-how to illustrate its move up-market and deliver its own interpretation of a much standardised segment. In this it benefits from a platform optimised with a new generation of electric/ electronic architecture, allowing it to be fitted with the latest equipment.

Built at Wuhan, the new Citroën C6 is the fruit of direct collaboration between the styling studios and R&D departments in France and in China. It incorporates all of the Citroën ingredients, applied to this segment’s very strict codes. Other than its fluid and modern styling, the Citroën C6 offers an interior of the highest standard with particular care and attention given to the cabin (space, ambience, materials), the seats, and the technologies used, to deliver ultra-high comfort levels for all passengers. It perfectly matches the expectations of the market in terms of size, status, robustness and spaciousness and comfort for all of the passengers.

Exterior styling: elegance and stature

The new C6 is characterised by the stature of its styling, clearly placing it in the business world of the upper D segment. Adopting Citroën styling cues, its surfaces are pure and smooth. The fluid lines of the model confer great homogeneity, while the bold visible components, such as the concave rear screen - typically Citroën, or the chrome signature at the rear, are indications of the care taken over details. Its well-balanced volumes are underlined by classy lines that energise its silhouette. Well planted on the road, wide and low (width = 1.89m, height = 1.47m) this 4.98m long sedan expresses robustness and power, without sacrificing refinement, which is expressed by its fluid and generous lines. As the main criterion for purchase in this segment, the exterior of the new C6 suggests its spacious interior. Spaciousness at the rear and boot volume are among the best in the market and this is immediately apparent, given its 2.90m wheelbase. As a true Citroën, its design presents a horizontal aspect, with a tight roof line.

The front end symbolises power and robustness. Its design expands the perception of the car. Its chrome grille extends out to merge with the headlamps. In the centre, a deep chrome finisher extends from one side of the car to the other, emphasising its top of the range positioning. The foglamps are placed at the outer edges and are picked out by chrome finishers forming a C, adding width to the bumper. Over and above these traits, its character is strong and dynamic, with the bonnet line adding to the effect of the highly technological headlamps. The new C6 is recognisable at a glance thanks to its light signature, created by the daytime running lamps which are illuminated in a chrome signature in the form of the brand’s badge

From the side, the rounded form is emphasised by a shoulder making the car look very planted on the road. The shape of the rear wings accentuates the dynamic and powerful nature of the car. The fluid handling of its surfaces instils robustness and quality. The outline of the vehicle and its spaciousness are emphasised by a chrome finisher around the windows.

At the rear, the boot lid is framed by the rear lamps with an original 3D LED light signature that reinforces the status of the new C6. As at the front, a deep chrome finisher stretches between the lamps to make the car appear wider and enhances the top of the range character of this sedan. True to the brand’s high end heritage, the new C6 adopts a concave rear screen, which identifies the vehicle.

An interior and technologies dedicated to well-being

The interior of the new C6 expresses comfort and refinement, offering an invitation to travel. The cabin is modern and welcoming, with quality materials, such as in the Nappa leather seats, the wood or brushed aluminium finishers on the centre console.

The interior offers an uncluttered space, handled transversally to maximise the impression of width. Accordingly, the dashboard is clean, adopting a very horizontal form. The form and trimming of the seats carry the look from one side of the car to the other. This horizontal arrangement in the cabin contributes to the feeling of great comfort. There is a feeling of well-being in the rear, with the wide seats a source of relaxation.

The passengers benefit from quad-zone automatic air conditioning and ventilated seats with pneumatic massage function on all four seats, for the comfort of all. For even greater well-being on board, the new Citroën C6 is fitted with a panoramic opening sunroof with two glazed panels. The front part can be opened for open-air driving. The panoramic sunroof has additional ambience lighting on the upper trim levels.

The spaces are generous, while still being very functional. The centre console meets the requirements of the upper business D segment. It is tall, wide, adorned with finishers and houses several large and easily accessible storage spaces. From one side to the other, the structured seats suggest both support and comfort.

The new C6 adopts the world of luxury luggage and travel initiated by the C4 Cactus. Accordingly, the grips on the door panels adopt the theme of luggage straps, which are also found as a signature on the dashboard and on the tops of the seat backrests.

The interior styling is composed of fluid shapes that contrast with the technical components, such as the smooth and light dashboard, punctuated only by the air vents and display screens, which are then emphasised, placing the new C6 in a very high-tech world. Well-being combined with technology. The new 12-inch high definition instrument panel, modern and customisable, is placed directly in front of the driver. It skilfully marries the analogue with the digital, creating effects of depth and contrast. The uncluttered central fascia panel houses the 8-inch capacitive touch screen in the centre for greater fluidity.

Benefitting from its new electric/electronic architecture, the new C6 is equipped with technologies aimed at simplifying driving and improving safety, such as speed limit recognition, dynamic cruise control with stop function, Active City Brake, 360 vision…

Equipment that will be explained in full at the time of launch of the vehicle.

The new Citroën C6 will be unveiled in greater detail during the second half of 2016 and be put on sale in China at the end of the year.

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