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Follow the adventures of a globetrotting football passing from person to person and being aided in its travels by Peugeot vehicles. In partnership with Facebook, Peugeot is organising the fantastic journey of a football across five continents.



Bouncing and rolling across deserts and mountains, oceans and jungles, on an elephant or in a canoe, meeting people everywhere, the football will pass from person to person on an exceptional journey dedicated to a sustainable development project.

The football will be the link between its followers and Peugeot, and the Brand will invite the fans to choose what happens next or to come and meet the 'Kick it to Brazil' team in order to personally interact with them on a day to day basis. At each step of the way, those who come into contact with the football will be able to share their unique experience on Facebook - facebook.com/Kickit2Brazil, Instagram - instagram.com/kickittobrazil and on the site dedicated to the operation at www.kick-it-to-brazil.com



100 days, 5 continents, 30 countries
The “kick-off” for this incredible journey took place today, Thursday 6th March 2014 in Paris, France. The football will travel around the globe crossing more than 30 countries and just as many borders in just 100 days.
Every means of transportation including cars, bicycles, motor bikes, planes and, at times, even less conventional local means of transport, will be used to facilitate the completion of the football’s journey. The official vehicles for the event will be the Peugeot Crossover range - including the 2008 and 3008.
Each country the football visits will host events which will often be improvised, depending on the creativity of the people involved. And each day a short video clip will be generated and uploaded on Facebook and the www.kick-it-to-brazil.com site.

Promoting Peugeot’s image and passion worldwide
This original, one off brand campaign is being carried out in partnership with facebook, a global leader in online social media. Peugeot aims to create a strong link between the Brand and multiple generations worldwide, in particular, outside of Europe where Peugeot is experiencing strong growth.

Facebook - an incomparable media partner
With an international media network of more than 1.2 billion active users, of which 945 million connect via smart phone, Facebook is the obvious media partner to help support this global operation. On Facebook and Instagram, all web users from around the planet can participate in this journey, sharing their experiences, photos and videos at the www.kick-it-to-brazil.com site.

‘One Kiss, One Tree’ giving further support to the Peugeot-ONF Forestry Carbon Sink project in Brazil
Throughout the entire journey, for each and every photo taken of a kiss being bestowed upon the football and put on the www.kick-it-to-brazil.com site, Peugeot will contribute to the scientific & environmental initiative, the Peugeot-ONF Forestry Carbon Sink project in Brazil. Peugeot initiated the project in 1999 and will continue to promote it until 2038.
The contribution from Peugeot financed by this unique voyage will go to planting additional trees, supplementing the 2,000,000 trees of 50 different species already introduced as part of this vast environmental project.
Last but not least, the carbon footprint of the entire journey will be fully compensated with carbon credits, allocated to the scientific, ecologic and socio-economic goals of the Peugeot-ONF Forestry Carbon Sink initiative in the Amazon.

The football will finish its travels on 12th June 2014 in the Brazilian Amazon, in the heart of the carbon sink project.

Follow the adventure at www.kick-it-to-brazil.com and expand the experience on online social networks with #KickItToBrazil

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