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A few weeks after Peugeot and Renault, Citroën reveals the new Citroën C1, a city micro car.

The all new Citroën C1 will debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. The Citroën C1 is an European best-seller that has notched up more than 760,000 sales since its launch in 2005. This new city car is available in 3- door and 5-door versions and also in a new open-top body style called Airscape. A car with a strong personality, delivering an upbeat response to urban mobility requirements, the new Citroën C1 reflects the renewal of Citroën.

New Citroën C1
New Citroën C1

New Citroën C1

The new Citroën C1 features:

- more design, with dynamic lines and a cheerful front end with a cheeky gaze created by the headlamps. Two-tone versions and brightly coloured interiors underline the car’s character and joy for living. It is clearly a member of the new family of Citroën vehicles. With its unique styling and irresistible looks, it is an immediate eye-catcher.

- more comfort, for day-to-day driving. An agile car designed to nip in and out of traffic, it allies compact exterior dimensions (just 3.46m / 11,5 ft), with easy handling and a turning circle of 4.80m/15,8ft. It also delivers exceptional suspension comfort and impeccable road manners.

- more useful technology, to make life easier, with convenient features such as the 7’’ touchscreen, and Mirror Screen technology to copy and run smartphone apps from the touchscreen. The new Citroën C1 can also be fitted with hands-free entry and drive, with a reversing camera, and with hill-start assist, for increased peace of mind;

- optimised running costs: weighing just 840 kg, and shipping with new-generation petrol engines, the new Citroën C1 ranks among the best in class for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

New Citroën C1

New Citroën C1

The dynamic, lively styling is underlined by the visual continuity between the windscreen and side windows, with black windscreen pillars and, depending on trim, chrome-finish weatherstrips.

The front end gains the features identifying the new brand models. The two-part headlamps and round inserts create a smiley front end with a cheeky gaze.

The vertical daytime-running LED lights create a light signature emphasising the car’s cheerful gaze and strong character.

The glass tailgate and square lights add momentum to the rear end, creating a 3D effect.

The new Citroën C1 is a car of free-thinking design with an irresistible expression, underlined by compact, condensed volumes and wider tracks at both the front and rear.
It is clearly a member of the family of new Citroën vehicles. With its strong personality, it has immediate appeal and the ability to attract attention.

Video : New Citroën C1

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