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One of our forum member is looking for a specific 1962 Simca Aronde Coupe. If you know the owner or the new owner, please contact us.

1962 Simca Aronde Coupe

1962 Simca Aronde Coupe

"Would like to locate a Simca Aronde coupe in above average condition.

Can anyone provide a lead in locating the seller / owner of the '62 which was advertised on craigslist a few months ago in the Dayton/Urbana, OH region and appeared on Just-a-Car Geek.


Thank you,"

1962 Simca Aronde Coupe

1962 Simca Aronde Coupe

You can contact him on our forum.

Simca (Société Industrielle de Mécanique et Carrosserie Automobile) (Industrial Society of Mechanical and Automotive Body) was a French automaker, founded in November 1934 by Fiat and directed from July 1935 to May 1963 by Italian Henri Théodore Pigozzi (born Enrico Teodoro Pigozzi, 1898–1964). Simca was affiliated with Fiat and subsequently, when Simca bought Ford's French branch, became increasingly controlled by the Chrysler Group. In 1970 Simca became a subsidiary and brand of Chrysler Europe, ending its period as an independent company. Simca's history ended in 1978, when Chrysler divested its European operations to another French automaker, PSA Peugeot Citroën. PSA replaced the Simca brand with Talbot and for a short period some models were badged as Simca-Talbots. During most of its post-war activity, Simca was one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in France. The Simca 1100 was for some time the best-selling car in France, while the Simca 1307 and Simca Horizon won the coveted European Car of the Year title in 1976 and 1978, respectively — these models were badge engineered as products of other marques in some countries. For instance the Simca 1307 was launched in Britain as the Chrysler Alpine, while the Horizon was sold as a Chrysler in Britain. Simca vehicles were also manufactured by Simca do Brasil in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, and Barreiros (another Chrysler subsidiary) in Spain. They were also assembled in Chile, Colombia and the Netherlands during the Chrysler era.

The Simca Aronde was a family car manufactured by the French automaker Simca from 1951 to 1963. It was Simca's first original design (earlier models were all to a greater or lesser extent based on Fiats), as well as the company's first unibody car. "Aronde" means "swallow" in Old French and it was chosen as the name for the model because Simca's logo at that time was a stylized swallow.

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Adrian Gonzalez 23/03/2020 06:54

I have a 58 aronde that i am in the process of restoring. It is quite difficult since i am in south Dakota and dont have any french connections. Im looking for a visor and maybe a way to get other needed parts.

Lisa 06/11/2018 18:43

I have a 1962 simca with title please call

Philippe Chabassière 21/06/2017 00:10

I am making an inventory of the Aronde all over the world since 1998. I found 4300 including 378 of them out of France in 39 countries.
About 80 Monaco are still alive, plus about 30 staying in museum and 30 don't go any more.

Except this one, only an other one is kwowed in USA. If you want to to participate in the census(inventory) just send me the VIN of your car: I am Philippe Chabassière/ 63300 Thiers/ FRANCE, email: p.chabassiere@free.fr

beaulieu59 27/12/2013 02:03

Thank you for posting my request in this this informative format. Awaiting a response.


Chuck 28/12/2013 23:04

You're welcome