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The new Renault Le Car concept car cultivates the sporting spirit of the brand and celebrates automotive passion by paying homage to the legendary R5 Turbo and Clio V6. Twin’Run, a real racing car, features a tubular chassis lifted directly from motorsport competition and a mid-engine 320-hp V6 engine based on Mégane Trophy. Like its twin, Twin’Z, Twin’Run is a modern and playful take on the city car. Both concept cars express the fifth stage in Renault’s design strategy based on the major phases in a lifetime. Each in its own way represents the “Play” stage (petal) and demonstrates the customisation possibilities of a city car fully in step with its times.The Twin’Run concept car previews the styling of Renault’s future city car.

« Twin’Run is a cocktail of energy, passion and athleticism, rekindling the memory of emblematic Renault racing cars. Following its twin, Twin’Z, a stylish urban concept car, Twin’Run shows that personalisation is a core strategy at Renault » said Laurens van den Acker - Senior Vice President, Corporate Design at the Renault group

The Twin'Run concept is introducing the next generation of Renault Twingo (A-segment) coming in 2015 in Europe. Renault will share its conception with Daimler for the next generation of Smart. If the car is imported to America, it will be a direct rival of the Fiat 500. As we know today, the Twingo 2015 will in rear wheel drive...


Dimensions: l x w x h: 3,680 mm x 1,750 mm (1,970 mm with door mirrors) x 1,493 mm
Front track: 1,522 mm Rear track: 1,497 mm
Fuel: 40l
Unladen weight: 950 kg
Body: Composite, glass fibre/polyester

- From the Alliance Renault-Nissan (Renault V4Y / Nissan VQ35)
- mid-engine longitudinal mounted
- V6 (60°) – 24 valves – 3,498 cm3
- Bore – travel: 95.5 mm x 81.4 mm
- Injection / ignition: built-in management system SODEMO EV14
- Max power 320 hp at 6,800 rpm
- Max torque 380 Nm at 4,850 rpm
- Max engine speed 7,500 rpm

- Rear-wheel drive
- 6-speed sequential gearbox + reverse
- Limited slip differential
- Twin metallic disc clutch Ø184mm

- Steel multi-tube 25CD4S
- Composite glass-polyester bodywork
- Double wishbone suspension at front and rear
- OHLINS two-way spring-damper combinations, front and rear

- Front brakes, vented discs Ø356 x 32 and 6-piston calipers
- Rear brakes, vented discs Ø328x30 and 4-piston calipers

Wheels and tires:
- Front: 7.5’’ x 18’’ alloy wheels and Michelin tyres 205/40 R18
- AR: 8.5’’ x 18’’ alloy wheels and Michelin tyres 245/35 R18

Performances :
- 0 - 100 kph: 4.5s
- Top speed: 250 kph


About Renault Le Car :

Renault Le Car is the version of the Renault 5 for America. It has been introduced in the US market in 1976. The best way to share with you the story of this icon is this commercial for France showing the Le Car in San Francisco !

Now the French Cars In America forum is opened, come and share your experience with us !

Le Car commercial in San Francisco for the European market

Twin'Run concept teaser - 2013

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