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Citroën is unveiling New C3, the evolution of the Brand's best-seller worldwide, a real success with 750,000 sales achieved by the 3rd C3 generation since its launch at the end of 2016.

-New C3 has a modern and protective look. It doesn’t look like any other vehicle. It builds on its differences with a colourful personality and unrivalled comfort.

-New C3 reinforces its difference with:

  • The new Citroën identity : a face full of character inaugurating a brand new Citroën signature inspired by the lastest concept cars and new LED headlights.
  • The increased customisation potential with now 97 exterior possible combinations, 3 new roof stickers, 2 new wheel rims and 3 interior colour ambiences including 2 new.
  • New Airbump® designs, the brand graphic signature,
  • A brand new on-board comfort experience with, for the first time on this segment, new Advanced Comfort seats usually dedicated to upper segments, up to 12 driving aids, and a lot of connected services: Connect Assist for the SOS assistance, Connect Nav with its 7 “ touch tablet and Connect Play for smartphone duplication. Equipment, completely in the tune of the times, which makes everyday life easier.

-With its efficient Euro 6 combustion engines, New C3 is a versatile hatch at the core of the market.

- Europe : New C3 will arrive at dealerships starting in June 2020.

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