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Having opened on 27 November 2013, the DS World Paris is celebrating its first birthday. If you are in Paris, make a stop.

A true DS flagship, it is located in the centre of Paris, the birthplace of the Brand. A space for exhibitions, history, experience and sales, it upholds the DS brand’s values of innovation and excellence.

The inaugural year has seen five artist residencies and several thousands of visitors, some of whom have acquired the DS of their choice. In terms of sales, the DS World Paris is fulfilling its mission with a conquest rate of 80%*.


One year after opening, the DS World Paris has found its audience, both French and international. Located at 33, rue François 1er in the famous “Golden Triangle” area of Paris, the venue, unique in Europe, constitutes a distinctive setting for DS and fully expresses the Brand’s positioning. With a design informed by luxury-sector cues, the DS World Paris conjugates the past, present and future of DS.

The DS World Paris exhibits the current range, consisting of the DS 3, DS 3 Cabrio, DS 4 and DS 5. With a 80%* conquest rate, it is fulfilling its mission to win new customers (nb: globally for the Brand, the conquest rate is 62%). The top-selling models after one year are the DS 4 and DS 3.

Besides products, the DS World Paris brings its customers exclusive services such as car deliveries to their homes and a jockey service during after-sales operations. The relationship is further strengthened by invitations to special events as part of the DS Privilege club and the DS World Paris.

You don’t needs to be a buyer to appreciate the ambience at the DS World Paris! The venue is open free of charge, offering visitors the chance to find out all about the heritage of the Brand, as embodied by the original DS on show. Rare DS 19 models are displayed with each new season. Currently in the spotlight is a 1961 DS 19, one of the first with a radio built in to the dashboard. Visitors also get to see concept cars, unique, forward-looking creations, currently represented by the C-SportLounge, which previewed the design of the DS 5.

The DS World Paris also organises artist residencies, in which artists infuse the venue with their creative approach and magnifying its ambience. Of varying degrees of renown, the creators share the values of refinement, French expertise and avant-garde spirit with the DS brand. Visitors this year had the opportunity to see the “Stronger” show by hair artist Charlie Le Mindu and “Le Choux DS”, an exclusive creation by celebrated pastry chef Philippe Conticini. In December, visitors can enjoy a show on the Harcourt photography studio and take home a special portrait of themselves.
Further surprises have already been planned for 2015.


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