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Unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 1974, the Citroën CX is celebrating its fortieth anniversary. It is remembered today as a bold, stylish vehicle with the ability to deliver creative responses to the issues of the time. The CX made its mark with advances in technology, including the turbocharged diesel engine, GTi version, and hydropneumatic suspension for new standards in comfort.

The Citroën CX was one of the last Citroëns sold in the USA and Canada.

Citroën CX review USA / Canada

Citroën CX review USA / Canada

Citroën unveiled the CX 2000 for the first time at the Paris Motor Show in 1974. It quickly established a reputation for comfort, ergonomics and road holding, claiming the “Car of the Year” award, “Safety Prize” and “Award Auto Style” in its first year on the market.

Designed by Robert Opron, the CX was a two-box saloon, 4.63m long. It was the first saloon in Citroën’s history to ship with a diesel engine. With the CX, the Marque was able to conquer the European tourer market with an alternative to petrol engines. One year after the 1973 oil crisis, Citroën was able to demonstrate its innovative capacity and, even then, to show its concern for running costs, with engines meeting high standards in both driving pleasure and fuel consumption. The aerodynamics of the CX played in a key role in these efforts. The acronym CX in itself illustrated the vehicle’s low drag, (Cx being French for the aerodynamic coefficient Cd).

Over the next few years, Citroën continued to upgrade the CX with further technological improvements including an estate version in 1975, a 2400 GTi electronic injection sports version in 1977 considered as the fastest French tourer of its time and a Prestige version, 28 cm longer, in 1978.

Citroen CX in the USA / Canada

Recognised for its style and bold technical choices, the CX was also a highly comfortable car. It inherited the constant-height hydropneumatic suspension of the DS, for impeccable roadholding, as well as the power- operated self-centring steering system seen on the SM in 1970. The same high standards of comfort were visible in the innovations provided for easy use. For example, the C-matic torque converter did away with the clutch pedal, freeing up space for greater comfort. Also, the interior design placed particular emphasis on convenience, with a futuristic driving position, enabling the driver to access all the controls without releasing the steering wheel.

Further reflecting its innovative capacities, the Citroën CX was the first French car to be fitted with ABS brakes in 1985.

The CX was a huge market success, selling more than 1.2 million units up to 1991. Today, the Citroën CX lives on through the events and meetings organised by the CX Club de France and l’Amicale de France. At the same, time, the enthusiasm inspired by the YoungTimers, sports cars of the 1980s that are now collectors’ models, is giving a new lease of life to models such as the Citroën CX GTi Turbo.

Citroën CX spotted in the USA or Canada !Citroën CX spotted in the USA or Canada !Citroën CX spotted in the USA or Canada !
Citroën CX spotted in the USA or Canada !Citroën CX spotted in the USA or Canada !Citroën CX spotted in the USA or Canada !
Citroën CX spotted in the USA or Canada !Citroën CX spotted in the USA or Canada !Citroën CX spotted in the USA or Canada !

Citroën CX spotted in the USA or Canada !

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I have a slightly biased (with good reason) view of the saga of CX imports to America... Yes, there were 3 companies who attempted to import the CX, however, there were vast differences between the 3.
First, Trend Imports in California only offered the CX25 diesel drivetrain, and proved to be a bit shady and closed down from many customer lawsuits..
Second, "CINA" (Bob Boston) was a fraud who was eventually sued and closed down by the EPA because he was blatantly disregarding the emission and safety requirements before selling his vehicles. Ask anyone who owned one of the cars CINA imported...they didn't have the proper reinforcements necessary to meet the safety standards, and in many cases, the emission control system was non-functional (several of his customers took their cars to our facility where it was discovered that 02 sensors had wires which led nowhere (weren't hooked up or functioning) and the cars had holes cut in the trunk and dangerous modified fuel tanks fitted to them, amongst other things!!)
The fact of the matter is that there was only one organization that invested millions of $$ in the professional re-engineering and crash testing, and production of the CX to meet the US safety and emission standards (and has the EPA Manufacturers Certificate of compliance for 6 years in a row (still available on the EPA website!) to prove it. CXA was classified as a "small volume manufacturer" by the EPA and only a CX which was imported by CXA in New Jersey was legally and professionally designed and sold in the USA.
These are the historical facts.
If you can find a good condition CXA car still, grab it, because they are rapidly becoming harder and harder to find, and what you may not know, is that there are still parts available for the cars too! (go to www.cxaintl.com)
I would be interested in buying a new car from Peugeot, once back in Canada
Hi: As part of the 40 th anniversary of the Citroen CX we at Driventowrite have penned two contrasting "period reviews" of the CX. Both are the work of the slightly fictional Archie Vicar.
I thought this might be of interest to you all.

If anyone has any insight on the car from an American owner´s point of view we´d be happy to hear from you. I remember seeing a metallic green series 1 CX in West Hollywood at the end of the 90s and was astonished at how impossibly French it looked in that context.


The CX was never sold by Citroen in the USA. However, at least three grey-market importers were able to bring in a few hundred slightly modified CX's - 1) CXA Imports, 2) Jareb, and 3) Trend Imports. I have a '79 CX 2500D with the 66 Hp 4-cyl diesel engine in California and love it. I've gotten up to 41 mpg on the highway.
Mr Agneaux,
CXA was 100% owned and operated in the USA. We financed and opened 2 separate facilities in Holland, and eventually become more of a design and custom car producer there, and developed relationships with different suppliers and engineering firms. But even at that time, it was financed and directed by the USA founders.
Ben, read my comment again. I said Citroen DID NOT import the CX to the USA. CXA Imports was one of the three grey-market importers, based in the Netherlands. Andre Pol (of CitroenAndre.com ), one of its owners, told me so himself at ICCCR12 in Amherst, Massachusetts. "Grey Market" does not imply illegal - they were all legally imported, just not by the manufacturer, Citroen.
Where did you read that the CX was sold by Citroën ?

It wasn't a grey market... It was officially imported by CXA Imports.