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Why come back to North America?

Carlos Tavares: Because it is one of the biggest [markets] in the world and being present in Europe, in China, we also need to be present in the United States, as we were a long time ago. So, we want to come back. We want to come back to stay. Perhaps that’s the most important fact.

We understand that the investment in the U.S. market will be long. It will take time. This is the reason why when we presented the Push to Pass strategic plan we said we would take 10 years. We want make sure that our teams understand the U.S. consumer, so we decided that we would start by understanding them through the mobility services activities that we are now implementing. It is a good way to understand the market.

We also started a very deep planning phase. We are working on three major decisions that we need to make before the Spring of 2019. The first decision is what the product line will be, and what brand that we are going to bring to the United States. The second is what the distribution model is going to be. Because distribution is, or course, paramount for sales and marketing efficiency, for the costs of the distribution, for the efficiency of the marketing and communications. The third decision is about sourcing. [Once] those three strategic decisions are made, we’ll be in a position where we’ll be able to start the implementation of our plans.

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